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Reed: March 2008-August 2009


Reed has found his way to the Glass Center after a very long journey across America. He has jumped right in to farm activities, creating a mid-size organic vegtable garden and enjoying the lake to its fullest. We hope he will be a resident for quite a long time.

Alishia: March 2009-August 2009

Andrew Frederickson

Alishia originally hails from southern California.  She is a writer, a pie baker and a blackberry grower.

Jarrett: April 2009- August 2009

Andrew Frederickson

Jarett is recently married and resides in England. While thinking about joining the military, he came to the farm to think, relax and to change a setting. He jumped straight right in to the blackberry fields and got a lot done in a short period.

Emily: November-December 2008

(picture and bio on the way, but the gist is that Emily is a beautiful and wonderful person)

Michelle: February-March 2008, Satellite resident summer/fall of 2008

Michelle Atkins

Michelle helped in a multitude of realms, from tagging and clearing in the blackberry fields, to helping organize the wealth of projects the Glass Center wishes to achieve. From a garage apartment at Duel's house in Tyler, she is working to expand the center's web presence and media offerings and missing the beautiful sunsets and homebrew at the farm.

Shaina: December 2007, August-September 2008

shaina starks

Shaina introduced herself to Geoff at a coffee shop in Nacogdoches. Seven days later, she moved to the farm for a Christmas break filled with new friends and fantastic music. During her 2008 tenure at the farm, Shaina managed grounds beautification and made delicious food.

Aaron: July-September 2008

Aaron Bir

Aaron is a creative mind from Ohio. He loves playing guitar, drawing with charcoals, making genuine connections with people, working hard, and finding a practical means for survival as the coming zombie apocalypse approaches. He is an amazing cartoonist who loves comic books of all shapes and sizes. He also is a brilliant web designer, actor, and producer of videos. Yes, he�s a certified geek, but he revels in it.

Will: September-December 2007, July 2008-present

will rogers

When Will first visited the Center in June of 2007, he knew that it needed people, and that people need it. In mid-September, he watched it begin to unfold. During his few months here, Will spent his time helping Jeff around the farm, making this website and trying to attract people who are interested in art, manual labor, change, peace and the future. He also spent a considerable amount of his time sitting and listening to the bugs, letting his thoughts wander freely.

Virginny: July-August 2008

Virginny Tassart

Virginny is a 24-year-old wwoofer from Paris, France. She graduated with a Master's Degree in International Business, then decided to come to the Glass Center to experiment with living sustainably in the United States.
Her special warning to new residents is "be careful with the fishes in the lake! they bite you! :)"

Hugh: January-July 2008

Hugh Daniel in raised bed garden

Recently graduated from UT Austin, Hugh spent some months interacting with the earth before going off to law school. Hugh's experience in organic gardening, cooperative living and beer brewing were all very valuable for the Center.

Kevin: May-July 2008

Kevin James

Kevin is from Florida and graduated with a liberal arts degree from New College. After working as a maintenance mechanic for a few months, he joined WWOOF and ended up at the Glass Farm through a series of coincidences. Kevin managed the gardens and worked on repairs throughout the farm.

Nick: March-July 2008

nick mea

While at the farm, nick worked on the blackberries and pumpkins, and he visits the farm to work from time to time, maintaining a healthy relationship with himself and with the Glass Center as he navigates the difficulties of Young America.

Laura: June-July 2008

Laura Carroll

Laura graduated from UT Austin with a degree in architecture and she is interested in any projects that involve designing and building. At the farm, she spent most of her time beautifying the inside of the guest house.

Tyler:June-July 2008


Tyler spent about a month at the Glass Center in preparation for his 1-year internship in Italy. His work primarily involved painting the guest house and building some beautiful shelves using found materials.

Jeff: September 2007-May 2008

jeff turman and hugh daniel under the rainbow

Jeff (under the rainbow on the right) has an interest in just about everything. While at the farm, he spent his time weeding, mulching, mowing, trellising, and loving his beloved blackberry plants. He loves farming because it gives him a feeling of freedom that comes from managing an endeavor mostly on his own, and doing what needs to be done without being told what to do. Currently a student at U. of Montana in Missoula, Jeff splits his time between school work, farm work, and as much leisure as he can fit in his schedule!

Geoff: May-August and December, 2007

geoff taylor

During his stay at the Glass Center, Geoff's daily routine included kayaking, swimming, and violin practice. He also did some work for Duel.
Geoff is currently studying music at SFA State in Nacogdoches, but plans to attend UNCO Greeley in fall 2008. Also, he has recently been accepted to study at Brevard Summer Music Institute for seven weeks this summer.
Duel's statement about Geoff's stay at the Center: "There's got to be some advantage to having classical music played into the woods, but I just haven't found it yet."

Katy: October-November, 2007
Mostly Oil-and-Canvas

katy gohmert

Katy was the first participant in the Center's artist residency, which involves food, lodging, studio space, community, and about 1 day of labor per week. She is currently focusing on painting, with hopes of doing sculpture projects soon. Kate also loves to make delicious food, and she is working on her vegetarian repertoire.

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