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biodiesel operation

Used to operate the farm's tractors, biodiesel is fuel derived from vegetable oil. The farm's location makes the production of alternative energy especially poignant now that most of the conventional oil located in this area has been depleted. With the price of regular gasoline rising, the use of this environmentally friendly fuel will prove especially valuable. Watch our video to learn more!



Trees, mostly. They grow quite well here, and the sale of wood (mostly pine) is our largest source of financial income. And the best thing is that biomass is renewable, and constantly growing.

Solar cooking:

Solar Oven

The use of fire wood for cooking is the number one cause of deforestation in tropical countries and causes a slew of health problems for the people breathing in poorly ventilated homes. The Glass Center aims to help bring solar ovens to these places to improve the quality of life and reduce negative environmental impacts. It is also a great way to cook rice!

Biogas (methane digester): Methane gas from decomposing manure will be recaptured and combusted for heating or cooking.

Energy Projects (wind, solar, solar collectors for water heating, human): A large focus of the Glass Center is on energy independence through renewable and sustainable sources. The use of solar and wind power is scheduled for the near future, and the idea of some human (pedal) powered generators is also possible.

Geothermal Heating/Cooling: Climate control for some buildings will be accomplished by recirculating water through a pipeline in the bottom of the lake. Since water remains warmer in winter and cooler in summer, a more comfortable temperature can be realized.

Living Systems: Integrated systems such that they will work together to require only minimal inputs. For example, using the spent grains from brewing to grow mushrooms, using the substrate from the mushroom growing for vermicompost, using the worms from vermicompost to feed the fish, then using the fish to fertilize plants etc.